Making Your World More Saucy!

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Hattwood Hot Sauces™ MARCH 2020 COVID These are stressful times but life does not have to completly lose it's beauty (or flavor). Your family & friends are still here, hopefully still have food in the larder. Hattwood has the potential to ship to your home via available shipping methods (USPS/direct delivery).
We are being encouraged to continue supplying food in any way we can & have stocks of sauce ready to go.
We hava shipping coupon to help you and our regular market locations are stepping up to arrange pick up locations.

Contact Hattwood to ask if you are on our delivery route.
Hattwood delivery menu items.

March 2020: Sauce for the shut in.
Open for shipping & can arrange home delivery in NY/NJ for the shut in.

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  • HOT RED ORIGINAL- 'Original Red Gold' spicy sauce with a lighter delicate mix.
  • GREEN GO! -A milder 'south-of-the-border' verde style with jalapeno, tomatillo, garlic and lime. Popular.
  • IRISH HOT BROWN SAUCE- 'The Mad Hatter' - Hot Irish Brown Saucery. Tamarind delight. Meat, steak, burgers are magnificent with this hot hero.
  • 'SUNSHINE' Is the sincere and sunny joy of Summer in a bottle. Our Summer Hit Single now back in stock.
  • 'Hattwood Ghost XXX' - We had a rough start to our ghostly garden crop but those that survived had a gigantic finale, big hand sized fruits that we made into onion forward saucy beats. At first taste the allium thing comes on hard and fast filling the tongue with rich onionium followed by a punch in the mouth of Ghost peppers. We haven't gone away you know!
  • PRECIOUS BEETS- A fermented wonder sauce with complex winter style root vegetables. The blazing bright red color alone deserves a prize. Ask about it's availability.
  • CHIRPY CHIPOTLE - Well, well, well. It's about time a smokey concoction like this shooed up. Amazing aroma and comes in 'Insanity Mode' with added ghost peppers for a real twist up.
  • HOT RED - 'Extra Hot' with KOLA nut. Some Ghost Peppers in the mix - still not on fire.
  • HOT RED - 'Smokey Bandito' - smokey & savory. Last case. This is a hot and fabulous sauce. 'Magic' bottled.


"This sauce is absolutely delicious! Very flavorful with just the right amount of heat. It also made with clean simple ingredients, will definitely be buying this again. Well done!"

Live a little saucier with Hattwood Gourmet Sauce.
Superior vegetable & fruit content (up to 60%) and less sugar and salt as compared to industrial or other hot sauces, so therefore no need for trendy fillers like gloopy seeds, xanthum gum, cornflour or other filler trix etc.

No Xanthum gum (glue/binder). No artificial preservatives. No nuts. No faux fillers. Less salt & sugar. No funny stuff.

Artisinal & gourmet: hand made in pots with selected local produce where available.

Hattwood Hot Sauce™

Quotes & Reviews:

  • " This stuff is beautiful."
  • "The greatest flavor, the nicest heat.... there's nothing out there like it."
  • "It's LITERALLY mouth watering"
  • "Hot sauce complements the flavor of what I am eating without being overpowering."
  • "You have a million dollarsauce dude"
  • "Love it! Excellent heat, not too salty or too sweet, and the flavor is complex and very nice."
  • "Excellent hot sauce - for any food!! Highly recommended."
  • "Just had some of your sauce on a burger last night. Yummy yummy.. Hot hot hot.. but VERY YUMMY"

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Making Your World More Saucy!™

My family & in-laws are all about Caribbean food culture and Hattwood is inspired by the local Flatbush markets full of indiginous local hot sauces and varieties of spices, herbs & of course the hot habenero and ubiquitous scotch bonnett peppers. The local gentle-folk & the hip urban ‘hot-chili-pepper’ appreciators also have made a dent in the universe of inspired taste.

Hattwood Hot Sauces make our 'artisinal' hot sauce with love, care and a small batch ethos. It's practically eros. We create a spicy sauce with the best of both heat & flavor, sacrificing neither. We bring the magic of art and the technical skills of a music-foodie producer to get a saucy-mix where each & every element is balanced and flavors are complementary to whatever dish you conjur up. Saves many a dull take out is the word on the street.