- Making Your World More Saucy!

Flavor & Heat:

We are nearly sold out of our laast batches and are in process of creating new batches of Hot Sauce for Spring 2019

"This sauce is absolutely delicious! Very flavorful with just the right amount of heat. It also made with clean simple ingredients, will definitely be buying this again. Well done!"

Hattwood Red Sauce comes in several varieties:

  • Traditional: 'Hot Red' with Habanero & Scotch Bonnet caribbean influences
  • Extra Hot: a hotter variation but with the same great tomato garlic and habenero taste profile.
  • Rich & Saucy: Same great flavor & heat but in a thicker ketchup.
  • Green Go! - mild south if the border style with serrano, tomatillo and lime

Live a little saucier with Hattwood Gourmet Sauce.
All Vegetable, No Xanthum Gum, No Nitrates, No Preservatives. Less salt & sugar. No funny stuff.

Hattwood Hot Sauce™

Quotes & Reviews:

  • " This stuff is beautiful."
  • "The greatest flavor, the nicest heat.... there's nothing out there like it."
  • "It's LITERALLY mouth watering"
  • "Hot sauce complements the flavor of what I am eating without being overpowering."
  • "You have a million dollarsauce dude"
  • "Love it! Excellent heat, not too salty or too sweet, and the flavor is complex and very nice."
  • "Excellent hot sauce - for any food!! Highly recommended."
  • "Just had some of your sauce on a burger last night. Yummy yummy.. Hot hot hot.. but VERY YUMMY"

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