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Hattwood Hot Sauce Markets & Stores, Stockists:

  • Butcher Block Queens, NY.
  • Fulton Stall Market NYC
  • Down to Earth Markets Park Slope Brooklyn NY
  • Down to Earth Markets Park Slope Morningside NY
  • West Orange Farmers Market, NJ


In response to COVID crises we are being encouraged as food producers to keep making food available where possible.
Direct Delivery is now available on certain routes and we are glad to be a food responder in this time of crisis of health, food & shelter.
EMAIL HATTWOOD to encourage or ask about a possible food delivery. Thanks!

The following Hattwood Hot Sauces are available: March 2020

  • 'Hot Red' Silver Surfer/Silver Top™- with sweeter peppers (fnal cases)
  • Sunshine Sauce - Mango delight with Orange Habs - Pop hit of the Summer season. Everyone wants this one!
  • 'Hot Red' Xhot with KOLA nut- A hint of Ghost Pepper. This seasons Extra Hot Red.
  • Green Go!™ Green Go is for when things go South in a good way. Serrano, Jalapeno, tomatillio & a treble clef of lime. Mild yet tinglesy. Most popular & best seller. It's the 'I don't like spicy but I DO like this sauce'
  • Brown sauce 'The Mad Hatter'™- the sauce result if a Brit married a Caribbean & this is the baby. Tamarind base and this kills on any meat - burgers, fish and chips, steak, chops etc.
  • Mellow Yellow - SOLD OUT
  • XXX Hattwood's Ghost - Mmmmmh! this is all savory, deep caramel onions and then whoop it's a party all up in here. I love this XXX sauce. Home grown ghosts don't scare me. Haunt your dinner with this one- you won't regret it. Die happy.
  • Hot Red "Smokey Bandito" Hot rich smokey and savory. Great Hot Sauce. The alchemy has happend in the bottle and magic broke out. I am loving this sauce. Get it before I decide to put it on a rack and admire it like a particularly fine vintage. Dark & interesting. This has substantial heat and a thick and aromatic feel. This is a fine sauce and on it's last two cases.


NEW sauces

  • Precious Beets - aged hot peppers and winter roots! There is no red color like this!
  • Chirpy Chipotle - Our latest friend and Hattwood saucy family memeber - by poular demand.


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