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Hattwood Hot Sauce Products for Sale - Markets, Shops, Stores

Hattwood Hot Sauce Markets & Stores, Stockists:

  • Butcher Block Queens, NY.
  • Fulton Stall Market NYC
  • Down to Earth Markets Park Slope Brooklyn NY
  • Down to Earth Markets Park Slope Morningside NY
  • West Orange Farmers Market, NJ


The following Hattwood Hot Sauces are available:

  • 'Hot Red' Silver Surfer/Silver Top™- with sweeter peppers (Last 2 cases)
  • 'Hot Red' Xhot with KOLA nut- A hint of Ghost Pepper. This seasons Extra Hot Red.
  • Green Go!™ Green Go is for when things go South in a good way. Serrano, Jalapeno, tomatillio & a treble clef of lime. Mild yet tinglesy. Most popular & best seller. It's the 'I don't like spicy but I DO like this sauce'
  • Brown sauce 'The Mad Hatter'™- the sauce result if a Brit married a Caribbean & this is the baby. Tamarind base and this kills on any meat - burgers, fish and chips, steak, chops etc.
  • Sunshine Sauce - Mango delight with Orange Habs - Pop hit of the Summer season. Everyone wants this one!
  • Mellow Yellow - Caribbean with a fuse of Asian - a milder velvet feel on the tongue with lemongrass notes. This one came from behind to dominate my recent sales - it's last case time. Have ye no homes to go to?
  • XXX Hattwood's Ghost - Mmmmmh! this is all savory, deep caramel onions and then whoop it's a party all up in here. I love this XXX sauce. Home grown ghosts don't scare me. Haunt your dinner with this one- you won't regret it. Die happy.
  • Hot Red "Smokey Bandito" Hot rich smokey and savory. Great Hot Sauce. The alchemy has happend in the bottle and magic broke out. I am loving this sauce. Get it before I decide to put it on a rack and admire it like a particularly fine vintage. Dark & interesting. This has substantial heat and a thick and aromatic feel. This is a fine sauce and on it's last two cases.


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