- Making Your World More Saucy!


Perfect balance of heat & flavor.

Hattwood’s Hot Sauce
Three main varieties:

  • 'Hot Red' Standard Production sauce
  • 'Hot Red' eXtra Hot Standard Production Sauce but spicier & an increased intensity of heat.
  • 'Hot Red' same great flavor profile but concentrated (lasts longer) and even more saucy!

Just select the variety on the drop down below and press add to cart.

Hattwood Hot Sauce Bookmarks™

'Hand Made' Hattwood Bookmarks.

Hand stamped

Printed by Hattwood elves (nieces)


only 99c plus postage
5 pieces per bunch

Where would ye be going without?

Burns, burns burns the spoon of fire ... the fork of fire!

Spoonerize all the flavor possible out of the bottle with this magically chosen foodie implement

- we call it the Hot Sauce Spoon (even if it has tines like a fork)

"I have told you three tines already" is an entrant in the bad puns award. But when is a pun good? Either way we got some better pics ready and the forky long spoon was 'dolled-up' for her photoshoot. I'm ready for my close up Mr Hattwood!

$5 for one Hattwood Hot Spoon.

Designed to make the real hot fan cool.