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  • "This hot sauce is fantastic."
  • “It’s delicious, very well balanced, Def not too hot”
  • " This stuff is beautiful."
  • "The greatest flavor, the nicest heat.... there's nothing out there like it."
  • "It's LITERALLY mouth watering"
  • Lots of layers of flavor - not hot for the sake of being hot. Highly recommended!
  • "Hot sauce complements the flavor of what I am eating without being overpowering."
  • "You have a million dollarsauce dude"
  • "Love it! Excellent heat, not too salty or too sweet, and the flavor is complex and very nice."
  • "Excellent hot sauce - for any food!! Highly recommended."
  • "HEH! This Hot Sauce is the BOSS! BOOM!!!"
  • "Just had some of your sauce on a burger last night. Yummy yummy.. Hot hot hot.. but VERY YUMMY"

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Hattwood Hot Sauce Market
Hattwood Hot Sauce Stockists:
Butcher Block Queens, NY.
Down to Earth Markets, Brooklyn, NY
Wykoff Market, Brooklyn, NY
Hattwood Hot Sauce Best Hot & Spicy Condiment Review

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