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Smoky Bandito 'Hot Red'
Smoky Bandito 'Hot Red'
Smoky Bandito 'Hot Red'

Smoky Bandito 'Hot Red'

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'Smokey Bandito' of Hattwood's Classic Hot Red Sauces

This mauve label selection is the original with more depth and some sort of very satisfying effect. It just tastes great and like a fine vintage has improved with age in the bottle. 

  • 'Hot Red' Smokey Bandito - a smoky, savory mix with a satisfying heat. Dark & interesting. Thick and aromatic. Complex layers of fine flavors. This one is like a fine vintage - keeps improving in the bottle. Nearly sold out! I grew to really like this sauce on any type of Asian food or any form of Italian. 

It is one of the Brothers in the 'Hot Red' family but with it's own brooding and dark mysteries and I (the maker of sauces, writer of this writing) really love it on my asian take outs, brown rice dishes, noodles, eggs, bolognaise and pizza too etc. 

Pairs with: Asian food, Chili, Pizza, Eggs and any take out- It is a good all around original Hattwood variety red sauce.

Heat level: Has a bit of heat too. 

One of my favorites ever, seems to be like a good wine or whiskey that settles and melds and magicks in the bottle, gets better as it ages out

Healthy choices:

Added Salt: 0.3%

Added Raw Unprocessed Sugars: 0.9%

Customer Reviewer BD Ordered the Green Go!, Smokey Bandito, Chirpy Chipotle, and Hot Red Xhot. "Delicious and distinct flavor to each one. Might just put the Smokey Bandito on everything. Looking forward to trying more in the future. Definite recommendation."

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