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Eww... Why? Fakery in The Bottle- Let the eater beware!

Down with fake ingredients and weird additives in Hot Sauces!

Here are some things you find in other artificial (my words) hot sauces that are never found in Hattwood Hot Sauces:

  • XANTHAN GUM, GUAR GUM = (Glues) 
  • SODIUM BENZOATE = Do you really need it in your food? 
  • CARAMEL COLOR = "Caramel coloring is made by heating a sugar compound (usually high-dextrose corn syrup), often together with ammonium compounds, acids, or alkalis." So likely only a small amount but still - does it really need to go in your body? 
  • SALT = (way too much or just ordinary too much is not healthy) 
  • NATURAL FLAVORS (not real from a real thing usually a chemical)
  • GRANULATED GARLIC/ONION => dry, why not fresh? 

 So yeah, when it comes to food for the sauce, let the eater beware.