Shipping Flat Rate $5 Shipping 

We are experimenting with a new local flat shipping method for those geographic areas that qualify.

That usually is not including the California or far West addresses sorry! But contact me on the contact link to say Hi and see what we can do shipping rate wise to cover some areas not on the flat rate. 

The purpose is to have a fixed amount of $5, five dollars, five bucks to cover any of our usual customers needs in a wide area from our bases in NY and PA. There are like everything some exceptions (like life) once the parcel gets bulky or heavy but for the most part we got you covered for shipping at a transparent, budget conscious, reasonable rate for everyone. Hattwood pays his part and the customer chips in a portion too. A shipping win win? Hopefully yes, we stay in business and you get great sauces without breaking the credit card.


Contact for Shipping Issues or queries.

Let me know if there's any issue you see we can help you with in shipping and we will gladly rectify and improve on the site performance. Any issue is sheer human error or technical befuddlement on my personal part (Me John, yes I do the website too! lol) Anyway I want you to have the sauce very much so anything i can improve or remove as an obstacle I want to know about and learn to fix. If the rate for your ara is weirdly irregular give me a holler and I'll see what I can do for you. My sincere pleasure.