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Hattwood Production Sauces

The Hattwood Story Live a Saucier Life with Hattwood Hot Sauces.

Inspired by new family roots in Antigua, W.I. (Caribbean), Born of taste and flavors in the cradle of Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn where nearly every second or third shop is a vegetable shop with a rainbow array of fruits and veg from every tropical kingdom is arrayed outside and inside always an aisle of Caribbean and Asian hot sauce flavors and forms. It's a food melting pot. Finally we grow our own peppers, herbs and veg in Brooklyn & the Poconos, PA and incorporate them as inspirations or the color backbone of our five star, highly favored by foodie fanatics, small pot, gourmet sauces. 

Our sauces taste better because:

We take longer. Longer to hand pick, grow and select the ingredients. Longer to process with more care and consciousness to bring each ingredients flavor forward transparently and in perfect harmony and balance.  

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