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Hattwood Hot Sauce

Flavor for foods sake:
"The Best Hot Sauce Ever"

Unique, Gourmet, Hand Crafted in Small Batches.
All natural: Vegetarian/Vegan

Making Your World More Saucy!

R&D at the source for taste innovation

Mr Hattwood thats me, John, went off to Antigua to follow my senses, my nose and my eyes to explore the place, the people and the ingredient's. It's very special feeling being there with the breezes, the sun and the tropical feel. I wasn't exactly sure what I was up to but ended by creating two new sauce flavors. Both excellent.

One is an homage to the ingredients I foraged when hiking the trails, the exceptional produce, fruits hersb and spices I could find at my fingertips in both the farmers markets and the yard around the house. The other sauce is a nod to Autie Evelyn, who is not really my personal Auntie but folks will understand, she is my wifes sort of auntie, so you know therefore she is my spiritual sauce aunt too. So anyway, I have been inspired years ago by her hot pepper table sauce and I brought my own Hattwood aromatic genius to that sort of local home style thing and its a whizz! Another one to look out for when we get around to formalizing the production.

Do check out some of the stores in NY that stock Hattwood and they would love to see you come by for any old reason but say "I'm here to get sauced up. Show me to the Hattwoods!"

Hattwood Sauce Stockists

Hattwood Hot Sauce Markets & Stockists:

Butcher Block, 43-46 41st St., Queens, NY.

Fulton Stall Market Store, 91 South St., Manhattan, NYC

Food Emporium, 325 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Key Food, 102 MONTAGUE STREET, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Fare, 200 Schemerhorn St. Brooklyn, NY

Farmers Markets (Seasonal)

Down to Earth Markets Park Slope Brooklyn NY

Down to Earth Markets Park Slope Morningside NY

West Orange Farmers Market, NJ

Little Falls Farmers Market, NJ.

Various Occasional Farmers Markets and Public Events


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John Munnelly Hattwood Hot Sauce Food Entrepreneur in Antigua & Barbuda