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Saucy Flavors

Production & Market Hot Sauces

The list of Hattwood Hot sauces we have available is divided into two sections - the top section are the current production sauces available in some NY supermarkets and the bottom row are the limited editions, the more punky alternative crew hanging-back and knowing whats-what, sauce wise.

Production Sauces

A milder 'south-of-the-border' verde style with jalapeno, tomatillo, garlic and lime. Popular. Great with chicken thighs and black bean stew.

Hot Irish Brown Saucery. Tamarind delight. Meat, chops, steak, burgers are magnificent with this hot sauce hero. Malt vinegar makes this a dream for fries like Fish 'n' chips. Try a medium burger with blue cheese, caramelized onions and Irish Hot Brown Sauce! G'wan.

Our Summer Hit Single sells out fast. “Sunshine Sauce” by Hattwood is a spicy reminder of Caribbean grace. A fruity jamboree of flavor, aroma & habanero heat. Inspired by our languid days in the
Caribbean, picking juicy sweet mango straight from our own tree. It is great on everything.

HOT RED Various.
One of our original sauces. 'Extra Hot' has some Ghost Peppers in the mix - though still not on fire. May contain traces of Kola nut.

Hattwood's GHOST 'XXX'
The EXTRA HOT hottest of our production sauce family, But what flavor too. It's both heat and taste. The magik elixir literally concocted by the light of a full moon. Back in spring we had a slow start but the Ghostly crew of fruits that survived had a gigantic finale, resulting in big hand sized fruits that we made into onion forward saucy beats. At first taste the allium thing comes on rich & fast filling the tongue with rich caramel onion notes followed by a punch of that very specific & unmistakably Ghost pepper sizzle and piquancy. Yum is the word.

Market Stall Taste Specials & Limited Edition Hattwood Hot Sauce Varieties

An aged (fermented) wonder sauce with complex winter style root vegetables. The tart and blazing bright red color alone deserves a prize. Rounded out with a mother-rich purple hued Italian Modena vinegar. Comes in aged only version also. Very hot!

Well, well, well. It's about time a smoky concoction like this shooed up. An articulate & inviting aroma combined with the tried and tested popular style of Hatttwood Original 'Hot Red' For extra heat and extra smoke it also comes in 'Insanity Mode' with added smoked ghost peppers for a real twist up in temp. Chirpy Chipotle is a twinkle eyed tale told by a smoky chuck wagon cook. Taste the South West prairie. Careful now! It comes super hot as 'Insanity Mode'.

is made with fresh hot peppers from Hattwoods personal farm space. A ton of onion and veg all cooked up, bathed in coconut milk with a toppy pineapple and mingled into smooth curry notes. All in all a very balanced mix. Very Hot Heat in my opinion. Very pleased with this sauce. Great on home made chicken gyro/wrap.

Hot Red Various
'Hot Red' Smokey Bandito
This is a smoky, savory mix with a satisfying heat. Dark & interesting. Thick and aromatic. Complex layers of fine flavors. This one is is a fine vintage - keeps improving in the bottle. Nearly sold out! I grew to really like this sauce on any type of Asian food or any form of Italian.