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Where to get Hattwood Hot Sauces

Places to buy Hattwood Hot Sauce

Live a saucier life with Hattwood Gourmet Sauce. The Best Hot Sauce (in New York, NJ & PA) and ever according to consistent five star reviews

Supermarkets & Shop Locations (Brooklyn/NYC)


Brooklyn, New York & New Jersey Farmers Markets (Seasonal)

Hattwood Sauce in 2022: We are in stock for production sauces

We are still here (amazingly enough) and always need your support to keep growing and developing. 

We have made much needed improvements to our web presence with a dedicated e-commerce website, added security features, changed web hosting, created shiny happy new labels & hope to have better packing and shipping. 

We have peppers in the ground and growing, hoping and praying for a bountiful harvests and a busy fall bottling season. Some improvements in seed propagation techniques to get better seedlings using heated mats and rock wool were a complete failure so sometimes my old style green fingered non-techie ways with care & attention to seeds and soil were quantitatively and qualitatively better. 

We also added more New York & Brooklyn Hattwood Sauce Stockists and hope to get back out to see friends and y'all at the local Farmers Markets.