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Hattwood: the sauce choice of creative types.

Hello and thanks for visiting Hattwood Hot Sauce. I am the Chef Saucier and create all of these sauces by hand, in very small batches with supreme care and attention to detail. Because of this high quality, low quantity approach you are getting better tasting, more complex flavors and healthier hand picked ingredients.

I come from a musical and creative milieu and began making sauces on an intuitive lark. I sometimes say Hattwood Hot Sauces imbues 'The Spirit of Jazz' (and blues). It's kinda true, my folks in creative industries who are at the top of their art usually really get these flavors. Like we say in Irish 'aithnion Ciaroig le Ciaroig eile' and that translates as - a special bird of one type recognizes another of the very same rare & special type.  Hope you enjoy our current selection - come back as we (I) make them again on demand.  

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