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Hattwood PoP Merch

Support Hattwood's aim to put the best sauce in the hands of the best people. I use a Print on Demand service to lessen environmental impact (get only what you need) And I don't have huge stock hanging about or worry about shipping & handling issues.

All I need do is be creative, make mad designs and go a bit crazy with the paint brushes. Ole!

Mindful, thoughtful designs and delivery. You get a unique wearable art piece & I get a dollar too, woohoo. Not bad, I grow my own peppers and this t -shirty thing helps me meet my many outgoings and helps you look better! It's a win-win says the marketing team.

Shipping is not included for these Merch products as they are manufactured only as needed and by your special request, but they can ship to Europe & Ireland so bombs away!


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