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Healthy Saucy Spice Yum!

Hattwood's Hot Sauce is healthy choice!

We all know that Hattwoods Hot Sauce is the tastiest hot sauce ever but why is hattwoods sauce also good for you too? Well it has less than 1% combined added salt and sugar. 

Sunshine Spice Girl Holds a Bottle Of Hattwoods Sauce -

Hattwood and other hot sauces use various hot peppers that contain capsaicin and other cool nutrients that have a good effect on your insides and offer a beneficial kick up the ... the well, backside I suppose, to your digestive functions. Sure what is wrong with that? It's all good clean fun down in the tum-tum. 

Hot peppers have health effects with nutrients and vitamins galore. Three times as much vitamin C as an orange!. Chocka block with vitamins A, B, and E.

Studies have found that foods containing capsaicin contain antioxidants that protect your cells from inflammation. That sounds good - seems to be opposite of the reaction you might expect. It may have and this is my own opinion not fact... it may act like homeopathy that 'the inflammatory feel makes the body heal' - © Hattwood 2023.  That sentence is very catchy, Hattwood threw in a copyright there to mess with the internet content-bandits heads. The content pirates roam around the internet scraping others writing content, adapting others thoughts and ideas as their own. Sure why bother having your own creativity when you have ctrl-c, ctrl-v. 

Anyway, the takeaway is a clean sauce made from good healthy fresh ingredients with trace element and micro nutrients is likely to be very good for you.

Fillers 'n' chemicals

So for various consequential reasons we don't use the metabisulfites and all the other color numbers like the garish green carcinogens or the lethal reds that are barred in Europe but pass by in USA. Just don't! Not even for a buck a bottle, I am serious, it's not worth it. 

Another thing is we at Hattwood don't use fillers so we pack more real vegetables and fruit in and therefore more nutrition in each batch and bottle. 'More (quality) is better' as opposed to lots of commercial sauces that fill their bottles with cheap liquids held together by sticky icky stuffs. Here at Hattwood HQ we use no funny additives like the guars and glues of Xanthum gum. Did you know Xanthum gum is not only hard to spell but is grown like some sorta mold or fungus? Sounds not yummy to me and Xanthum Eeew gives some people a funny tummy. Yikes! 

Another commonly used chemical we dont use is metabisulphite. Sodium metabisulpite is a preservative that can irritate the lungs and have adverse effects on asthmatics and folks with breathing issues. Cough, cough. 

Less is more, we are very small producer so have very fresh and fast turnover of products so these industrial sauces by comparison are now made by bean counters as cheaply and fast as possible and in shiny lab looking factories.

Though I have to say it, I take such care of my brews I feel very occasionally like a kind of alternative  'Heisenberg'  - a Walt, in Breaking Bad show because my product is purer and dare I say, better than anything else out there. So go on officer, arrest me for being a flavor freedom fighter and distributor of addictive saucyness! 😘

May Day May Day

If hot sauce is too hot it can make you sweat. Capsaicin is dissolved in fat so milk, cream or ice cream is a good bet to clean the palate and calm your belly a wee bit. Yogurt seems like a great bet too offering bio cultures 'for the craic'. 

Health Studies On Hattwood
- not a claim, just a summary of findings out there. 

Some studies that I didn't do personally but are on the internet and in science journals did say that eating hot peppers is very good for our longer term health. I say that they 'jazz up' our internsl systems like some sort of a treatment in the fuel tank does perhaps for a combustion engine.  Doctors will express it a bit differently. 

Sugar and salt.

Theres way too much in our diets. Grandpa dies 5 days before I can meet him or he sees me. High blood pressure, linked to too much salt in general.  Diabetes links directly to sugar. So yes salt and sugar in moderation to specific purposes is very ok and needed for flavor balancing and cooking prearation purposes but just not too much. Hattwood uses less than 1% combined salt n sugar, thats tiny relative to US products, who else does that? 

Doctors and the science-sorts say that hot sauces like Hattwoods

  • Could offer benefit to eye health (macular degenration/cataracts)
  • Could offer benefit to anaemia. 
  • Could help delay or protect from chronic diseases. 
  • Might offer protection and delay age-related memory loss. Now what was I doing...oh
  • Have been linked in some studies to blood-sugar lowering effects.
  • Helps with pain (distracts!)

I hypothesize that Hot Sauce ingredients speed up digestion by stimulating perhaps all the enzymes exuded (like saliva) and also stirs up our digestive loco-motions inside. Peristalsis is the name for that- see I know a thing or two. Yay!

Healthy Choice:

Sunshine Sauce for example below of some health possibilities.

  • Low Added Salt: 0.4%
  • Low Added Raw & Unrefined Sugar: 0.6%
  • Fresh veg & fruit packed with vitamins
  • Turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory
  • Hot Peppers may offer health support - studies offer evidences to show digestion, heart, metabolism, pain benefits of hot pepper and the pepper capsaicin.

 So sauce it up, have fun, it's later than you think. 


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