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Irish Examiner Press Clipping Hattwood Hot Sauce

Best Hot Sauce - Customer Sauce Reviews.

Ordered the Green Go!, Smokey Bandito, Chirpy Chipotle, and Hot Red Xhot. Delicious and distinct flavor to each one. Might just put the Smokey Bandito on everything. Looking forward to trying more in the future. Definite recommendation.
- Bryan D 

I purchased Hottwood’s hot sauce at a farmers market and I’m so glad that I tried it. I have now re-ordered from them directly and got it delivered and things went smoothly. The website was easy to navigate and I received personal emails (not automated responses) keeping me in the loop as to when my order would be delivered. Great products and great communication! I will order again.

- Charles G

Best hot sauce ever! We discovered this at a farmers market and purchased many more! Flavorful and just the right amount of spice and kick. Doesn’t taste overly acidic or artificial like other hot sauces. Cant recommend it enough. Owner also provides great customer service and answers all questions!

  • Shelly H

The Green Go! Hot Sauce is amazing! I put it on everything from pizza to tacos. Made the mistake of bringing it to work and now my coworkers end up using it all!

  • Rafi R

I mean it, this is the best hot sauce there is.

  • Ryan M

The Chirpy Chipotle is incredible. It has the perfect blend of spice and smokiness! :)

  • Ikokomo

Hattwood hot sauce is undoubtedly the best hot sauce I have ever tasted. While most hot sauces are, just hot, Hattwood has a great depth to it, with layers of underlying fruity flavour bursting onto the palate. The heat is very much there to be enjoyed, without being overpowering or one dimensional. Anyway don't just take my word for it, try it yourself. You won't be disappointed.

  • Aidan C

I LOVE this hot sauce! Just the right balance of heat and sweet. It's my go-to for eggs, chili, you name it. I love using it to make cocktail sauce for seafood! Delicious!


  • Nanette

I generally don’t use hot sauce because they tend to be too spicy for me but I absolutely love Hatwood’s Mellow Yellow hot sauce and Hatwood’s Sunshine Sauce. I use Mellow Yellow in place of  ketchup. I even dip my fries in it yum!

  • Arlene

Love this sauce, ordered 6 bottles in December have 2 left! It’s spicy but not so spicy that it overpowers the flavors! Will have to try the other flavors on my next order.

  • Nanette B

Just the best hot sauce on the market.

At least 3 different varieties each delicious. I put it on everything eggs, tacos, all meats, cheese I even add it to any and all soups and stews.

You can’t go back to any other hot sauce once you’ve tasted this.

- Warren M

Love this sauce. It's a unique taste that seems to add flavour to all kinds of foods and dishes,always making the dish even better. It's also good  for waking up an early morning shake or I even used it in a bloody Mary. However in a food combo it adds what is indefinably missing!  Bringing it to a new level of tastiness.

- Mark B

I really wish they sold it here in France as they are incredibly tasty spicy sauces! A friend told me about how good they were and I didn't believe him. Ordered a few and I sure wasn't disappointed! You can definitely taste the authenticity behind the recipe. Hat off to the chef ;)

  • Axel B

Absolutely one of the best hot sauces ever.  The Gold is nice and smokey smooth, the Exxtra Hot is very hot but perfectly balanced.  There are two others I still look forward to enjoying.  Put it on your eggs and be happy!

Brian J

I love all of the sauces! But Hattwood's new "Sunshine Sauce" is superior!! It has the best balance of sweet & heat!

Des J

Quite simply one of the greatest hot sauces ever crafted. The heat is great, and the flavor is unbelievably unique. I need more!

Peter L

I imported this to Ireland on a recommendation from a friend. I have it on my burgers and it's super hot. Yummy yummy in my tummy. I really love this product!

  • Ger O’B

I have enjoyed Hattwood Hot Sauce for over a year now and a, consistently ready to get my refill.  It is not only spicey and hot but flavorful as well with just the right amount of consistency and texture to layer over any of my regular dishes.

Super yummy over morning omelettes or as an enhancing condiment over my regular dinner meal.

Do yourself a favor and try your first bottle of Hattwood Sauce.  It won’t be your last

  • Tim C

This is the best sauce for dipping or adding that extra spice to any meal. Yummy!

  • Alan M

I am one of those people that adds hot sauce to everything I eat, and this was amazing! Great tast with a kick!

  • Izzy C


The best I've had. Subtle and flavorful.

  • Jamie M

This sauce is the shiznit, if you know what I mean, I bust it out for my friends and give it as presents, as well as keep an ample stash for personal use, I love all 4 flavors I tried. Give it a shot if you like something bold and different and uniquely Irish Americana retro bluzeh da style I so enjoy, highly recommended!

- Bogdan

Not your average hot sauce .... better

  • Sean

Really love this good quality sauce - would definitely recommend

- Maureen M

Best hot sauce on the market by far!

  • Sheila H

Very tasty!

  • Martha

FACEBOOK Reviews Hattwood Hot Sauce

 Best Hot Sauce In New York Reviews

Reviews from our Hattwood Facebook Page: 


"It’s simply the best tasting sauce ever"

Stephen C

"Hard to improve on perfection "
Judy S. E

"Finally got my resupply of Hattwood Hot Sauce and I’m using it RIGHT AWAY in this eating establishment wherein my hot sauce is preferable to any in their selection... 👍👍👍"

"FIVE STAR SAUCE: I love hot sauces. Truth be told, I'm a bit of hot sauce snob. Hattwood Hot Sauce has become my favorite. I have two active bottles in my fridge at all times as well as an opened to-go bottle for hot sauce emergencies, like when I go visit my in-laws. Hattwood makes the mundane midweek meal shine. Great with eggs, tortillas, and soups. Just add a drop or two to that meal you were cooking while doing nineteen other things and you'll be feeling like a pro chef. The texture and heat level are perfect. I've recently been mixing a couple of drops of Hattwood with a spoon of natural yogurt for a healthier twist on chipotle mayo on burgers, sandwiches and wraps. As I say, I love hot sauces, and Hattwood is by far my favorite now. You won't be disappointed."

"HEH! This Hot Sauce is the BOSS! BOOM!!!"

"Lots of layers of flavor - not hot for the sake of being hot. Highly recommended!"

"This stuff should replace the tabasco in your fridge immediately. It really is that good. enjoy a the heat"
Ali A

"Very versatile hot sauce! We finished our bottle in no time because it pairs well with so many different foods."

"Awesome hot sauce...do yourself a favor try it !
Got it all!"

"We gobbled it all up! It didn't sacrifice heat for flavor and didn't sacrifice flavor for heat. It was just right. Love it."

"This hot sauce is the real deal! It's got a good kick and love the compex, smokey taste."
Judy S 

"This is the only hot sauce I reach for. It’s HOT and it’s delicious. Eggs! Tacos! Bacon! Bread! It’s just the best."

"Excellent hot sauce - for any food!! Highly recommended."
John C O'B

"Love it! Excellent heat, not too salty or too sweet, and the flavor is complex and very nice. So far I've tried it on eggs, potatoes, pizza, and beans & rice, and a little goes a long way! I can't wait to try it on more food."
Don P S

"This is most Definitely 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Making your world more saucier!"

"I'm a bit of a hot sauce addict and Hattwood Hot sauce is by far my new favorite hot sauce. Check it out."

"This hot sauce is fantastic. For a person with a sensitive palette like mine, this sauce gives enough heat without burning your mouth, without giving you that vinegar-y kick (that oftentimes gets confused for actual heat from peppers) and without all that acidity that burns a hole in your stomach. It pours well (great consistency without having to force it out), has underlying floral and clove notes (fruity, read: not sweet), and goes well with everything you put on it. I personally love it with eggs but also with sausages and stir fries. Great product, will definitely need to stock up again soon."
May L

"We liked it because the heat and flavor weren't competing and there was just the right amount of both. He was very helpful in explaining all of the choices. We tried them all. We don't usually use green sauces but were very pleasantly surprised. It is definitely worth it."
Rosemary P-M

"The founder of Hattwood Hot Sauce, John, is an inventive guy who has really developed a delicious product. Definitely worth checking out everything he’s offering."

"😀I LOVE this hot sauce! Just the right balance of heat and sweet. It's my go-to for eggs, chili, you name it. I love using it to make cocktail sauce for seafood! Delicious!"

"This sauce is absolutely delicious! Very flavorful with just the right amount of heat. It also made with clean simple ingredients, will definitely be buying this again. Well done!"

"Love this sauce, ordered 6 bottles in December have 2 left! It’s spicy but not so spicy that it overpowers the flavors! Will have to try the other flavors on my next order."

"I'm one of those people that adds hot sauce to pretty much everything I eat, and this hot sauce is amazing! Great taste and with a kick!"

“Spicy, flavorful and fresh tasting. Highly recommended!”

"This stuff is delicious! I've added it to my chili, and it not only gives it a great extra kick, but it really adds to the levels of flavor, too."

"Woooweee just got my order of HattwoodHotSauce n I gotta say that stuff is MY TEE tasteyyyy!!! Deeeeee.licious!!! And just the right amount of fire 🔥👩🏼‍🚒! ❤️ it!!! Highly recommend esp if you are as picky as I am when it comes to hot sauce"
Olga N

"This sauce is absolutely delicious! Very flavorful with just the right amount of heat. It also made with clean simple ingredients, will definitely be buying this again. Well done!"
Robert B