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Fifty Ways to Hattwood

There must be fifty ways to rediscover Hattwood

Hand Craft Small Batch
I make all a dese sauces in very small batches. I grow the peppers and hand select and source every ingredient, each specific vegetable, pepper or spice that is needed to make it 'just so'. These sauces are hand made creations using precise technical and artistic processes.

Adventures in Natural Products
Sometimes the heat varies as the quantity of sunshine the pepper gets varies, so the same hot pepper in a different season brings a variation in piquancy and spiciness. Its kinda fun.

Education/ Training
I have completed specialized courses, paying for and sought the licenses and approvals needed to make and bottle the sauces to the highest quality both technically and artistically, all so they taste as great and stay as great as they should do.

I create the designs, labels and logos, write the copy, chop the veg and fill the bottles. I pack and ship the orders, fix the website data and update it and do the dreaded admin; it is a lot and can get beyond my resources so encouragement and support is gladly received.

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Fifty Ways
So there are many good reasons (perhaps as many as fifty or more!) to leave your current dull food sauce and rediscover how great the taste and flavor of Hattwood Hot Sauce is.


Feel good | Taste good:

By supporting you are helping and encouraging a sustainable local creator and that is a good thing in a world gone not so. 

Pandemicus Maximus
And after the pandemicus maximus* I do need to buck up on sales to keep this sauce show on the road so site visits, reviews (on product/google) and lovely sales are all gratefully requested.

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Bye and thanks with much gratitude for reading and being part of this sauciness.



*Pandemicus Maximus: you heard it here first folks. It refers to, in my illegitimate Latin - The Great Pandemic. And indeed while we are on the subject, what was or is so great about it?