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One Person Show: The man behind the sauce curtain

Did you know there's only me behind the curtain?

Did you know Hattwood is only one person? I literally, actually, really and truly do it all from sauce to the nuts and bolts of the Volvo. I invented these particular sauce recipes & I cook them up by hand. There I am a stirrin' the big shiny stainless steel pots and watchin' over the recipe ingredients and preparations like a mother hen over her chicks. I maintain the plant and equipment. I select and buy the all natural vegetables and fruit. I source authentic herbs and spices from the Caribbean islands and elsewhere. I treasure, sprout and grow my own pepper plants. I invented the Hattwood Logo. I do the graphic design, layout and label the bottles. The list just continues to infinity, the legals, the science bits, the art pieces, the marketing department, the sales guy, the health & safety officer, the accountant, the webguy, the copywriter. Stop! But that's it there is no stop, it is a never ending rally of jobs to be attended to that keep marching by, and they all have to be done, or else. 

If you do happen to read this and want to get something brilliant and amazing from all of that 100% effort by yours truly to bring something hand-made with beauty and quality into the world - then please do support this artisan and his craftiness. How might you help well easiest is telling a friend personally or by leaving a review or even better by buying something I have made on this site. It can be sauce but does not have to be, there's other merch items also on the drop downs above. How about a tee shirt or a cap? All made on demand so it's ready whenever you are. The merch even ships in Europe.

Thanks, keep on keeping on.

John Munnelly
May 26th 2024