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Recipie for Devilled Eggs a La Hattwood


Devilled Eggs Spicy Intresting Hot Sauce Eggs Recipe by Hattwood Hot Sauce

Devilled Eggs a La Hattwood

Devilled comes from the very old fashioned name for making something spicy. Boil 4 Eggs for 8 mins in pre heated water then place gently into an ice cube water bath. Remove shells, split eggs cleanly in halves and separate the yolks into a small bowl. Add equal amounts of mayo, chop 2 cornichons preferred or gherkins/pickle very small. Add a dollop of Dijon mustard, season lightly to taste with salt & pepper. Can add a little of the brine/vinegar and Hattwood Hot Sauce Curicoco Hot Sauce. Mix and fork the ingredients all together. Use a tiny spoon to heap the now Devilled Egg mixture back into the white shells and wait for it to settle in. Enjoy!