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Sold Out of Your Favorite Hattwood?

Sold Out of Your Favorite Hattwood? 

Wadadli Trail Sauce made by John Munnelly of Hattwood Hot Sauce

We often sell out because of the low volume and seasonal/artisanal nature but please do keep supporting us and telling your friends about us. This is what can encourage me to keep making these super sauces again, and again.

Tell us/me/Hattwood about your favorite sauce so I can look into making it again. Leave a comment on contact us page on the product page or on google reviews so we can include on our primary production schedule. Please do leave a note of confidence, praise and encouragement. This pot stirring of hot peppers can be quite something. 

Alternatly and this helps and encourages me to keep these sauce pots a-stirring.

Leave a review for Hattwood please and thanks https://bit.ly/HattwoodReviews