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Why buy Hattwood hot sauce? The 'Too Hot' Case is Solved



Hattwood Hot Sauce is flavor first (which is not the traditional hot answer) but is why I got into creating hot sauce. I created the flavor, feel & type of hot sauce I wanted to see in the world using only natural, authentic and wholesome ingredients. Friends/family & 'sauceophiles' wouldn't let me off the sauce- train I had gotten on.

We are a small-batch pot-sauce makers endeavoring to grow our own hot peppers for use in each variety. We use natural inventive creativity woth supremer care at each step of process to make consistently sold out five-star gourmet sauces. We use trusted centuries old tested and traditional methods to make the sauce shelf stable, adding no thickeners or additives (so all it needs is a good shake like me sometimes, right?). Hattwood is a quality forward vegetable & fruit, not some thrown together basic pepper, salt, sugar & xanthum gummy glue wonder water (with a wonderful label though!) It's the taste not the label!

We use unique approaches to achieve the best layers of taste combined with the perfect choice of pepper heat, superior mouth feel, color and pour.

Superior vegetable & fruit content (up to 60%) and less sugar and salt as compared to industrial or other mass produced sauces, so therefore no need for trendy fillers like gloopy seeds, xanthum gum, cornflour or other filler trix etc.

We sauce harder than most, layering flavor upon layer of flavor like the good music producer has a range for maximum impact yet flavor clarity.

We make unique and tasty sauces for the discerning foodie palate. Some of our Hattwood sauces are seasonal so stock up on your favorite while it is here or experiment with one of our new flavor combos.

No Xanthum gum (glue/binder). No artificial preservatives. No nuts. No faux fillers. Less salt & sugar. No funny stuff.

Artisinal & gourmet: hand made in pots with our own home grown produce or selected local produce where available.

Aromatics & Pour:

Compare to your average shelf sauce, the sauce available is too much of the same, or too much of everything: too salty, too sweet, too uniform, too hot, too boring and monotonous. Too little of interest - one or two major ingredients, vinegar and salt and they call it a day. These comparative hot sauces lack life and fun, and are like a lot of businesses - basically boring bottles. Hattwood has harmony and balance and most of all transparent layers of flavor.

Chef Hattwood contours every part of the experience: the flavor, the color, the heat level, the mouth feel, the silkiness, the chunks; the pour has to be just right.

Then there is our secret sauce of aromatics, spices and herbs that we choose and include - most sauciers in the hot space do not go the extra distance to tweak the aromas and perfume of the sauce as you open the cap. Open a bottle of Hattwood and take a sniff - it is a whole different experience with a Hattwood sauce and so much missed by other makers as part of the saucery. 

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