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What is the best Hot Sauce in Brooklyn, New York

The Best Hot Sauce in Brooklyn

The Best Hot Sauce in Brooklyn according to the sauce purchasers, tasters and customer opinions of Hattwood Sauce are listed in various categories below.

Here are the best Hot Sauces in various categories 

Best Overall (Best Hot Sauce of Brooklyn Award Winner)

Best Alternative Wonder Sauce of Brooklyn

Best Smoky Chipotle Sauce for Chilis

Best Hot Sauce for Mexican Food/Best Verde

Best Ethnic Sauce 

Best Ghost Pepper Sauce

Peoples Choice Hot Sauce Champion 

Hattwood Sauce Menu

The data and subjective opinion is gathered from online, email, text, in-person, market stall, shop buyers and other interactions. Sauce purchase frequency v out of stock levels also can be used to gauge popularity

I know it is a very discrete and narrow bandwidth sample but Hattwood Hot Sauces has only ever received Five Star reviews. Why is that? It seems to be because the sauce tastes better. The maker has and brings certain artistic qualities to make a better hot sauce. Better than all the rest.

John of Hattwood Hot Sauce has history of making sauces as a child, he has been exposed to capascin training by sauce fanatics, he has married into a foodie family from the Caribbean that taught him much about layers of flavor and other secret food lore, he loves and lives in an ingredient and culture rich neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn where inspiration is all around. John has educated himself in other areas of music, writing, technology, science, chef-ing and producing that all go into good judgement of ingredients, creative combinations and alternative saucy techniques and a desire to produce only the best quality using the best quality. 


John Munnelly 

Cook, Chef and Bottle Washer 

Hattwood Hot Sauces